Saffire 4.8.3

August 19, 2019


Our shopping cart, the pillar of the very first Saffire website ever launched, has been completely redesigned from the ground up, incorporating over 10 years of experience, following trends and research! It’s one of the most significant updates to our website platform ever. 

Try it out for yourselves - especially on a mobile device. Your customers will love buying from you even more with this new consolidated cart format. We’ve also listened to you with this overhaul - we’ve made customer fees more visible in checkout, tapping your way through required fields is super fast and intuitive and we’ve topped it all off with some customizable items:

  • Add retargeting pixels to each step of the checkout on your own
  • Add content to the header and/or footer of each step of checkout
  • Decide if you need customers to “agree to terms & conditions” to complete a purchase

Find out how to customize your checkout experience here


We gave every client’s site some more SEO love this release by removing unnecessary redirects, which is nerd-speak for some automatic shop-keeping we’ve done to make sure all your pages and sitemap stay sparkling clean!


Updates to the App:


It’s here, and all you need to do is let your coach know you’d like Offline Scanning enabled on your site or app! Then, if you experience any temporary slowness or downtime on your wireless or cellular network, you can keep scanning tickets offline! 
Read all about offline scanning here

Read about all of the Saffire compatible payment processors here

Customize the COLOR of a Successful Scan screen! 

Do you have a price or badge type that you want your ticket scanning team to recognize? No problem! Highlight that ticket with a custom Successful Scan screen color within the app!
Find out how to customize your Successful Scan screen color here

SCAN A QR CODE to enter your website URL on the login screen! 

Now, as you login to the app across multiple devices, you don’t need to type in your website’s URL. Instead, print or pull up the QR code from SALES > SAFFIRETIX > SITE QR CODE. Scan it, and viola! Your website URL will auto-populate! 

Read more about scanning this QR Code here

SaffireTix Spark Updates:

Customize the ORDER of your Products in the app and web-box office! 

Drag and drop Products into any order you wish right from the Products dashboard. 

Read how to sort Products here

Record and report on CASHIER DEPOSITS! 
Ever wanted to electronically document one of your sellers’ cash drops so you can reconcile later? Now you can with the Cash Deposits Manager!  Simply contact your coach so we can enable this awesome new feature for you! 

Read more about Cashier Deposits here

Set Locations to either scan, sell or BOTH!
You can set specific functionality at each Location for the SaffireTix app. This will help keep volunteers from wandering onto screens they don’t need to worry about!

Read more about Location Settings here

Creating SaffireTix Users is EASIER than ever! 
Create a spreadsheet of Users you want to add and IMPORT them quickly and easily. Not sure what PIN to assign your Users? No worries, import your Users sheet, then export all Users to see the fancy auto-assigned PINs! 

Read more about importing SaffireTix Users here

Customize Ticket Notes and Fields!

Now you can designate custom information for Box Office printing or mobile hip printing. 

See how to customize your receipts and tickets here

Exporting your Pre-Printed Batches will provide a URL to each ticket. 
Now you can share them individually, via email, with promoters, sponsors, and patrons! 

Read more about pre-printed batches here

Export User Information of scanned tickets. 
Want to market to folks who just attended your event? Run the Redemption Report for a set time period and export User information, including First Name, Last Name and Email Address, so you can personalize your future marketing efforts!

Additional Features you might like!

Print tickets without printing receipts (a new flag you set at the product level)

Online tickets can now print just the QR code and not it’s associated code text

Locations selected as “scan only” no longer show up in web-box office

Tickets that are reprinted now have a “reprint” label

SaffireTix app HELP button links to the complete user guide. See all articles here

If your tickets are generated from a code bank you can set up a nightly report to be emailed to specific admins. Read about that here

Hey you made it through this whole announcement! If you want to be entered in a $100 gift card drawing, reply to the Spark Nation email by September 2nd, 2019 with “Summer Reading” as your response and you could win big! 

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