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Changing the color of a Success Screen

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By default when a ticket is scanned at a gate successfully the screen on the device turns GREEN.

Saffire wanted to provide another level of customization at this level allowing you to assign successful scan screen colors to individual price types on a product.

For example, this allows your scanners to see that they have scanned in two children and two adults and they can confirm that those are indeed the people walking through the gate. Guaranteeing that products set at an age limit are only being used by the intended audience.

To begin select a product you wish to assign a screen color to.

Go to the SALES TAB and select the PRICE TYPE in this case it is General Admission. (Also at this point make sure it is Box Office enabled)

In the pop up window scroll all the way down to the bottom and select SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS.

Check the Enable Success Screen color box and then Change Color

Once you have selected a color hit "Select Color" to make the change then hit Close & Continue.

Now on the Sales screen, you will see a box next to the price type indicating the success screen color.

When scanning this how the success screen will now appear.

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