SaffireTix™ App - Offline mode

For short periods when your network connectivity is unavailable, you can switch the SaffireTix app to Offline Mode to continue scanning and making cash sales. 

To enable Offline Mode for your devices, check with your coach. Or, contact the support team via chat or through a support ticket.

This mode is not intended to be used throughout an entire event, but it can keep your gate activity from stalling if you experience problems with your WiFi network or cellular service.

How to use Offline Mode

How does it work?

When switched to OFFLINE Mode, all scans are deemed successful and cash sales are registered on the specific device. When normal network activity resumes and you switch back online, the device reconnects with the server and transfers all stored data. It will verify each scan and, if necessary, change them to Denied to keep your redemption reporting accurate. 

This does mean that some tickets may be accepted which you normally would reject - but this is sure to be a very small percentage of the scans. By keeping the gates moving, your customers won't experience any slowdowns entering your event.

Click the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the SaffireTix app to see the settings screen. Then click the second dark blue bar which is showing ONLINE: 

This toggles the app between ONLINE and OFFLINE modes. When it reads OFFLINE, switch back to scan mode (the camera icon). Now you'll see an orange notification bar at the top of the screen:

You'll also see the orange bar if you switch to Sales mode (the dollar sign icon):

Remember: when you're offline, credit card processing will also be unavailable. You can only accept cash sales.

To switch back to Online Mode, just click the orange bar - or you can go back to the settings screen and click the toggle which is currently showing OFFLINE.

Note: when in OFFLINE Mode the ORDER LOOKUP option disappears. This function requires network connectivity, so it's unavailable when Offline.

We recommend instructing your crew that use of this tool requires approval from a gate supervisor. Switching back & forth often may cause slowdowns with the server processing.

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