Locations & Location Groups

This tool within SaffireTix allows you to identify the physical locales where you'll be scanning or selling during your event. These may be box office (gate) locations or kiosk locations - and they may be specified for scanning or selling or both.

Individual locations can also be combined into groups which can make assigning redemption rules faster when building your products.


Spark Location: Commerce > SaffireTix > Locations

On the Locations page, click on the ADD SAFFIRETIX LOCATION button, or hover over an existing location to edit the settings. 

  1. If there are Groups already created, select whichever are appropriate.
  2. Add the Location Name
  3. Select the Location Type
  4. Check the appropriate Location functions. If you're not sure, check both Scan and Sales. The default identifies how the app will first appear upon logging in at this location.
  5. Choose the Scan Type - this is almost always set to 'Entry'.
  6. The two check boxes are optional settings, dependent on whether you're using Ticket Details or Code Linking.

Box Office Display Order

You're also able to change the display order of your products available in Box Office. To do that, click More just below the page title and then 'Box Office Display Order'.

In the window which opens, you can select individual locations and sort the products by name (the default), or you can customize their order.

The custom option allows you to drag & drop the products for that location into any order you like. Plus, you can copy your custom order to other locations using the Copy link. Select the appropriate locations and save your changes.

Location Groups

Spark Location: Commerce > SaffireTix > Location Groups

This page allows you to combine various locations (previously created) into a single group which can be selected as the sellable and/or redemption location for each product.

A good example is creating a 'Gates' group which includes all of your entry gates. Setting that group as the sellable location for a product would make it sellable at every gate within the group.

Setting the group as the redemption location would make it scannable at every gate within the group - yet still adhering to the Scan Limit set on the product. For example, if the limit is set as 'single', each ticket could be scanned successfully just one time, regardless of the number of gates included in the group.

  • The Location Groups dashboard displays all of your existing groups, and you can add new groups.
  • Existing groups can be managed by clicking the plus (+) to the left of the group name.
  • You can edit the name of a group or deactivate it by hovering over the pencil icon.

Adding Groups

  1. Click 'Add SaffireTix Location Group' to create a new group.
  2. To add to a new or existing group, click 'Add Locations to the Group'
  3. You can remove a location from a group by clicking the big X on the far right.

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