SaffireTix™ App - Setup for device administrators

Follow the steps below for each iPhone, iPad, or iPod you'll be using during your event. These steps presume that you've already created user accounts with unique PINs as well as gate/entrance locations. We recommend doing the following as soon as your devices arrive to ensure they're ready and fully charged when it's time to open the gates.

App Installation

Devices provided by Saffire will have our iOS app already installed.

If you would like to add the app to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, visit the App Store to find and download SaffireTix. 

Initial login

When you open the app you'll see one of the following screens:


If you see screen A, hang on - we'll come back to that.

If you see screen B...

  1. click 'SIGN IN'
  2. click OK
  4. choose PIN MODE.

Okay, now you should be seeing screen A. You're ready to log in. 

You'll want to have Spark open on your computer. The fastest way to get your devices ready for action is to go to Sales > Products... hover over MORE and click Site QR Code:

You'll see a QR code which you can scan with the app. This will fill in the EVENT URL field on the login screen. Once this field is filled in on each device, they'll hold this information throughout your event (unless you're forced to reset the device or update the software). If you have more than one device to set up, you'll appreciate the simplicity of this function. 

Just click the camera icon in the EVENT URL box and you'll see this: 


Aim the device's camera at your computer screen so that the QR code shows within the green box (it doesn't have to be exact) - it will automatically scan and fill in the EVENT URL. Presto!

Now you just need to add your PIN and SIGN IN. At this point, you're read for scanning and/or selling with SaffireTix!

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