First Steps: Creating Ticketing Products

Following these steps before creating any SaffireTix™ products will make the process simpler and faster. 

First, go to Commerce > SaffireTix™ > Locations to add or modify the names of all the locations (gates/ticket booths) that you'll be scanning or selling from during your event. If you're scanning & selling from the same location, you only need to add it one time (e.g., 'Main Gate' would be used for both types of operation). The Location is a great tool for sorting your reports and limiting where products can be sold or scanned.

Read more about Locations & Location Groups.

Second, go to Commerce > Product Categories to add or modify the names of the categories your tickets are associated with. You'll use this tool for filtering your reports - and you can refine your filtering even further by adding sub-categories. A good rule to follow is creating a category for the current year (such as '2019 Fair') and use sub-categories for the types of tickets: admissions, comps, grandstand, vip, etc. 

Read more about Product Categories.

Third, go to Commerce > SaffireTix™ > Price Types to add or modify the labels you'll use to identify your ticket price levels. There's no need to create individual products for each price... your products can include multiple price types (e.g., adult, youth, senior, military) as long they all have the same sellable dates, scannable dates, and redemption rules. Saffire reports will show a breakdown of your products by category & price type.

Read more about general admission price types - OR - about reserved ticket price types.

Fourth - and finally - go to Commerce > Commerce Settings. Here you can add:

  • 'Sales Tax' which would get applied to all transactions
  • 'Transaction Fees' which would also get applied to transactions based on specific sales channels
  • 'Product Fees' which are unique for individual products (the actual amounts are added when creating your products)
  • 'Shipping Methods' for both non-ticketing and ticketing purchases (this is rarely used for ticketing). 

Read more about about Commerce Settings

Once you have these up-to-date you can start creating your ticket products under Commerce > Products.

Get step-by-step instructions for creating General Admission tickets
- OR - get step-by-step instructions for creating Reserved Tickets.

BONUS STEP (aka extra credit)

This isn't absolutely essential right now, yet at some point you will need to add users who will be selling and/or scanning with the SaffireTix™ app. So let's go ahead and take a look under  Tools > Users

  1. Add a new user
  2. enter first name, last name, email (this is required, but it can be a bogus, yet unique, address, like
  3. use 1234 for the password
  4. click Save & Continue
  5. click the Access tab and check the SaffireTix box
  6. click the SaffireTix tab
  7. enter a unique 4-digit numeric PIN - the user will need this to log in to the app
  8. default location is optional - this would assign their device to a specific location when the user logs in (it can be changed on the device when needed)

Read more about setting up Users for SaffireTix™

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