General Admission tickets - Initial setup / General Tab

Make sure you have read through the First Steps before creating SaffireTix™ products article before you dive into building tickets or products!

STEP ONE for creating/editing a general admission (GA) ticket product in SaffireTix

This feature is not activated on all sites. 

Spark location: Commerce > Products > Add Product 

Other steps:  General tab | Sales tab | Inventory & Codes tab | Redemption tab Ticket Face tab

  • Select SaffireTix General Admission as the Product Type.
  • Enter the Product Name and Category. If you don't see the category you want in the drop-down list, select "Add Category" to add an additional type.

The first section you will edit will be the General tab. The General tab allows you to add the date on the ticket, a website description that will show on any page you add the ticket to on your website/ticket portal, the ability to upload a thumbnail image for the ticket, and attach a form to a product. 

When adding a date to show on a ticket, select the box "Show event date on ticket", then choose the date range for the product. If a date range has not been selected, there will be a red exclamation that pops up because a start date is required in order to save the product (adding a date to the General tab does require a Redemption rule to be added to the product).

To add a website description to the ticket, simply start writing into the Website Description box. This description will appear on the web page just below the product/ticket title and details. There is a limit of 255 characters.

  • Describe any discount or "take action" marketing you have for customers purchasing this ticket. Here are some examples: SAVE $5.00 when you BUY ONLINE! Skip the lines! Fees may apply.     This ticket is valid for one-day single entry to the "Event"!

To upload an image that will be displayed as the thumbnail on the ITEMS module (where this product will be visible on the web page), select the "Upload Image" button and choose either a JPG, GIF, or PNG file from your desktop (image must be no larger than 5MB). Once you've uploaded your image, you can crop the image, or if necessary, remove it.

If you want to make customers fill out a form before purchasing a ticket, select the "Add Form" button. From there, choose which form you want to have attached to the product from the drop down menu, and if you don't want the button say "Register", input the preferred text in the "Override Button Text" box. 

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