Reserved Tickets - Initial setup

Make sure you have read the SaffireTix™: First Steps before creating products before you start building products or tickets!

STEP ONE for creating/editing a reserved seat product in SaffireTix™ (each ticket has an assigned seat #).

This feature is not activated on all sites. 
This product type requires a "seating map" which must be pre-loaded by the Saffire Client Experience Team.

Spark location: Commerce > Products > Add Product 

Other steps:  Initial Setup | General tabSales tab | Redemption tabTicket Face

  • Select "SaffireTix Reserved Seating"
  • Enter the name of the product (ticket)
  • Select the product category and subcategory, if necessary. OR select Add Category to create a new category.
  • Select your Seating Map from the dropdown

  • Click the orange SAVE button on the right side of the page

Note: You will be able to check Best Available in the next step.

NEXT STEP: General tab

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