General Admission tickets - Sales tab

STEP TWO for creating/editing a general admission (GA) ticket product in SaffireTix™

This feature is not activated on all sites. 

Spark location: Commerce > Products > Add Product 

Other steps:  General tab | Sales tab | Inventory & Codes tab | Redemption tab Ticket Face tab

The Sales tab within SaffireTix General Admission allows you to specify how a product is sold, create price types

There are two Product Channels to sell your tickets/products - Online and at the Box Office. If you select both, you will be able to add Sellable Dates, Locations (Box Office only), and Order Limits (Online only).

Your single General Admission ticket may have multiple price types. Here are examples:

  • Adult, child, reserved, comp, sponsor, season, etc. 
  • These can be set up in advanced under Commerce > SaffireTix > Price Types or through the Sales Tab you can click Create new Price Type
  • Select the price types that need to be available for this ticket

When you selected the price types for this product you may close these windows and return to the SALES tab of the editor. Then, click on any of the bold Price Type names to add details and prices for each price type

  • Enter a description for that price type - this will show up in the shopping cart (recommended if you have more than one price type, especially if it's based on age)
  • Leave the box checked to Show "price type" in the cart if you have MORE than one price type (it's recommended that you UNCHECK this box if you only have one price type)
  • Select the channels that this price type may be sold through
    • for instance "Comp" or "Sponsor" are most likely price types you only want available at Box Office and not Online to the public
  • Once the Channel has been selected the price field will become available, enter the price
    • determine if fees need to be added or created for this price type for each channel
    • you can add more than one fee to each price type if needed

  • In the Advanced options for a specific price type you can enable a custom color when a successful scan is made and limit farther where it can be sold. This is especially important if you are planning to sell Comps through a specific location that you only want certain SaffireTix Users to access.

  • Continue to enter in all of your price type details and prices, etc.

The Online channel allows you to add a countdown for Sellable dates that will show on the website/ticket portal page. The Order Limit allows you to limit how many of the product a customer can purchase online. The default is set to 8, but you can increase or decrease that limit to as many products as you want.

For Box Office, if you edit the Sellable Locations option, you're able to select and/or deselect locations where this product can be sold at the Box Office.

Selecting Advance Options allows you to add specific touches to your Online products, such as Custom button text on your products (the default is always Buy Now), adding custom text to receipts customers receive online once they make a purchase, adding shipping fees, discounts, and emails to receive orders on customer purchases.

  • Custom Buy Now Text will allow you to override the default button text for this ticket sales. The default will be BUY NOW
  • Add custom text to customer receipt gives you the ability to add a disclaimer, thanks, instructions, etc. to the receipt/confirmation email your customers will receive - consider if this information is best on the receipt, or better for the ticket before you add text here!
  • This product has shipping methods and fees should almost never be checked with a ticket as you can add the necessary fees to the price type - checking this box will require your customer to select a "delivery method" and require them to enter their shipping address (recommend that you leave this unchecked)
  • This product may accept discounts once you have created promo codes you may edit your products and check this box to say that Promo Codes may be used on this particular product (this checkbox will not appear until you have established at least one promo code)
  • Email(s) to Receive Orders will send a copy of confirmations emails every time this product is sold, to the email address you enter in this field. Please consider if you already have an email address receiving a copy of ALL confirmations in your SETTINGS > SITE SETTINGS > ACCOUNT set up
  • Suppress mobile receipt will ensure that a receipt is not generated on the mobile "hip printer" when this ticket is purchased. The mobile receipt will only be suppressed if all other tickets included in a transaction have this designation.


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