The Locations and Location Groups section of SaffireTix allows you to create locations where you scan tickets. It also gives you the ability to add Locations into Groups if those locations follow a similar set of redemption rules.


Spark location: Sales > SaffireTix > Locations.

On the Locations page in the top left corner, you're able to click on the hyperlink to add new locations. You're also able to hover over the location to edit the settings of that location. 

1. Select the Group this Location should be part of.

2. Give it a unique name

3. Select a default mode for SaffireTix App users at this location. (Ex. Scan at a Gate, Sales at a merch tent)


Spark location: Sales > SaffireTix > Location Groups

The Location Groups page allows you to view all of the groups you've created, which locations have been added to the group, and the ability to add either a new Location Group (1), add an existing location to a group(2) or remove a location from a group (3) .


Spark Location: Tools > Users

Assigning individual SaffireTix app users/sellers locations is helpful when you want to limit the products and access of that user.

Hover over the Users name and select EDIT.

Go to the ACCESS Tab and confirm that the Device Access Rights box is checked.

1. The SaffireTix tab will populate. 

2. You can set the users device pin code for quick login 

3. Set the selling/scanning locations that this user will be assigned to. You can assign as many locations to the user as you would like.

4. Remember to SAVE or SAVE & CLOSE.

For Locations & Saffire Tix User Locations:

For Location Groups: