Discover the Content Modules

Modules are building blocks for content and can be added or moved to any column. Some modules appear only on specific types of pages, i.e., you'll find the History module only when building Event pages. 

Some of these are core modules (the gray icons below) which are always included on specific page types. Even though core modules will appear as part of your design page, they can be hidden from your customer site by choosing the 'hide' option in the module controls (aka Power Dots).  Each of the following are linked to knowledge base articles & video lessons.

Category module
Events & Businesses only

Custom Fields module
Events & Businesses only

Description module
Events & Businesses only

FAQ module

Feature lineup module

Forms module

History module
Events only

Image module

Items module

Links module

Location module
Events & Businesses only

Map module

Media module
Events & Businesses only

Navigation module
Pages only

PDFs module

Results module
Events only
Share module
On all page types
Required for Events & Businesses

Social Media module

Sponsors module

Tags module
Events & Businesses only

Text/Gallery module

Title module
Required on all page types

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