Map module

Use this module to include an interactive map of your location, including categories and colored pins to highlight points of interest, as well as a printable PDF version.

  • Heading is optional.
  • Upload an image of the map. This needs to be a .PNG, .JPG or .GIF file. Click the orange Save button.

  • Upload a PDF file of the same map to the lower field of this module. This will be the printable version of your map. This is optional.
  • Click Add Category to create groupings such as attractions, restrooms, room specs, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, etc. and select a custom color for the category

  • To add pins to the map, click the "..." of the event category and select Place Pins
  • Click your mouse on any map location to place the pins. 
  • Hover over a pin to Edit

You can modify the pin category, sales status, name, description, URL, add an image and add a form. 

Once a pin's information has been created, you can copy it and place it at additional points on the map. Click  Finish Copying above the map when you're done.

(If you're interested in setting up pins for sale on a map click here > for the full article.)


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