Media Module

This module - which appears only on event & business pages - is where the main photo/video for an event/business appears, and where users can submit images.

Spark location: Events > + Add Event Page OR Edit Event

Spark location:  Businesses > + Add Business Page OR Edit Business

Spark location: Site Map > Events > +Add Event Page OR Site Map > Businesses > +Add Business Page  

Upload the first image to this module during the Add Event/Business process:

Edit the Event or Business page and click into the Media module to begin editing.


You can select to ADD IMAGE(S) or ADD VIDEO(S) just like with a Text/Gallery module. Find out more details about managing the images here >>

NOTES: the first image/video in the Media module will automatically be the image that appears on your event schedule, business listing and homepage when selected. 

Drag and drop the images in the order you like with the default image at the top. 

Individual Image options:

Check the box for Allow media share via email to let your users to email the image and page information to a friend.

Check the box for Allow media share via social media to let your users create social media posts with your page information! 


Your users can upload their own images to your pages. These images will not automatically appear on your website, you get to approve or delete them.

To quickly approve images, check the box to the left of the image and select APPROVE SELECTED. 

To reject a photo, click on the thumbnail and select DELETE on the resulting window

Toggle between Approved and Pending images with the dropdown on the right.

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