Feature Lineup module

The Feature Lineup module is a great option for highlighting specific events, businesses, pages or items.

Click on the Feature Lineup module.

Enter a heading, if you like. This is not required. Then ADD FEATURE.

The only required fields are Title and Image.

Optional fields:

  • Description - displays as an overlay when you hover over the image
  • Inset Detail Text -  creates a sub-title in the top left corner of the Feature
  • Custom Buy Now Button Text - allows you to change the call-to-action 
  • Custom Buy Now Button URL - this is the URL your call-to-action button will link to - without this, the button does not display
  • More Button Text - allows you to customize the click-thru button
  • More Button URL - this is the URL your 'More' button will link to
  • Social Networks - click 'Save' then you can add social networks specific to this Feature

This is what the finished feature looks like on your site (except the colors will be specific to your theme).

The bottom 'tail' does not appear if the social networks and/or the buy now fields are not used.

You can add as many Feature Lineup modules as you like to any standard page, event page or business page.

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