Items module

The Items module allows you to display For Sale products or Not For Sale information on any dynamic, event, or business page. This is a default module on Event pages.

Spark Location: Site Map > + Add a new page

Heading is optional

Once you've added items to the module, you can click & drag any 4-arrow icon on the left edge to rearrange the display order of the items.

To modify the product or details of an item, click anywhere on the item - or use the Item PowerDots (not the module PowerDots).

  • Edit allows you to modify the product or details of a particular item
  • Deactivate switches off customer access to an item
  • Copy Item allows you to clone an item, then modify the time. This is used for events with multiple occurrences on the same day, e.g., a juggling performance at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, all with the same date.
  • More Dates allows you to select additional dates for the same item, and each can have a unique time.

After selecting your dates, be sure to scroll down and click CREATE ITEMS.

You can edit each item to customize the times, but if an item requires a unique price or description you'll need to attach it to a different product. More Dates will only allow you to clone an existing item and assign unique dates & times.

NOTE: if a specific product has a date assigned to it, More Dates will not be an option for any related items. 

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