SaffireTix™: Product Categories

Product Categories allow you to organize your products that are for sale through your website.

To access your Product Categories, go to Sales > Product Categories

You will be able to add new categories here, manage your existing categories, see which products are within specific categories, and add subcategories to a Product Category. 

Subcategories are used to group events or year round events products together. 

Adding a Product Category

To add a Product Category you would choose Add New Category. 

Then Enter a Category Name and then Save. 

Editing Categories or Deactivating Product Categories.

By hovering over the pencil icon you can choose to either Edit or Deactivate any Product Category. 

Adding a product or editing a product in a Product Category. 

Once in a Product Category you can view the Products listed in the Category. This gives you the option to add more products to this Product Category or edit a Product already listed in that Product Category.

Filtering Product Categories:

Filter search by Category and Subcategory types with the options of: Active, Inactive, and All. This can be done on both Categories and Subcategories. 

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