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Equipment Rentals

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Mobile Scan/Sales Equipment

iPhones - We currently rent out iPhone X🅁 devices. These iPhones have a larger screen and one of the longest lasting batteries in the iPhone lineup of devices. Some things to note about this device: There is no headphone jack, if you are using a cc reader that will need to be plugged into a headphone jack you will need to use a headphone to lightning port adapter (sold at most electronics stores for $9.00)

iPads - We rent out a mixture of iPad air devices and iPad mini. These will always have the most up to date iOS and SaffireTix app (unless something is released during the shipping of your devices)

Hip Printer - Star Micronics SM-L300 printer pairs with our app without any additional settings needing to be enabled, other than Bluetooth, which you are prompted to enable directly in the SaffireTix app and other payment processor credit card readers - We offer two different credit card readers for those that aren't using PayPal Here, the difference between these readers is only that one has a headphone jack and the other connects via the Lightning Port (iPhone charging port).

ID Tech iMag Pro II, ID Tech iMag Pro II Card Reader, With Apple Lightning Connector for the iPhone 5, iPod Touch. SDK not included. IDMR-AL30133

ID Tech UniMag Pro Mobile Credit Card Reader Compatible with Apple iPhone/Apple iPad/Android compatible. Reads tracks 1 2 3. ID-80110004-001

Card Connect mobile cc readers - In addition to the two generic cc readers above, if you are using Card Connect, you can also use the following chip/tap/swipe readers with your mobile POS

IDTech VP3300

IDTech VP3300 chip/tap/swipe cc reader

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Web Box Office Sales Equipment

Laptop - these are provided through our technology rental partner, Hartford Technology Rentals. They provide updated Windows laptops running on Pro Edition for your security. When rented through us, they should arrive with minimal driver installation and set-up. These will be provided with at least three (3) USB ports or a splitter will be provided.

MagTek Credit Card Reader - Here is the product number, if you are purchasing these yourselves, just verify they are this exact model with no added encryption

Model Number: 21040145

Purchase link:

MagTek Sure Swipe Credit Card Scanner #21040145

IDTech Augusta - This option is only supported with Card Connect payment Gateway

Purchase Link:

IDTech Augusta cc readers

Printer - Our most popular and 'standard' rented printer is the Microcom 520 Printer. The ticket stock sits outside, behind the printer. This printer does NOT cut the tickets.

There are some upgraded options below, however, those may incur additional expense from what is stated in your Contract/Order Form

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Desktop Printers

Microcom 520 Printer - These are our standard printer, they are smaller printers. The ticket stock sits outside, behind the printer.

Microcom 485TC Printer (with a cutter) - This printer is a medium cost printer, slightly better print quality to the 520 with an option to cut tickets.

Microcom 485T Printer (with a cutter) - This is our highest quality printer, the stock contained inside the printer, with a cutter and a catching tray for tickets.

**If you own a Boca Printer, you can use it with our system. However, with the varying sizes/models/options for Boca Printers, we encourage you to have already installed and tested the printer (drivers).

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Ticket Stock

Our Ticket Templates are built for a standard ticket size of 2"×5.5". We can provide you with SaffireTix branded ticket stock for only the price of shipping. If you plan to order custom ticket stock, we do ask that you provide us with proofs before ordering so that we can verify that the size/specs will work with your equipment.

Ticket Specifications:

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