Microcom 520 Printer Install Guide

  • If you were shipped computers with the printer software already installed there's no need to follow the steps below.
  • If you're connecting a printer to your own computer, then you will need to use these instructions.

Once the printer software (driver) is installed on the computer you're using for ticket printing, the video will show you how to load ticket stock into the the Microcom.

Getting Started

When you’re installing a new printer on your computer, make sure you download and install the driver before plugging the printer into your computer. You’ll be prompted when you should plug it in.
Getting ready to print on your ticket stock will be a quick and painless process, just follow these steps:

  • If you’re using the Microcom 520 printer, you can download the driver at:
  • This address will open a new tab and will begin downloading a file: “SNBC_2018.2.exe”
  • After that file has completed downloading, open it.
                   -Note: your computer might have a pop up notifying you that you must have admin access to continue, or that its not a verified app from the Store. You will need login to the admin account or override the notice in order to Install the driver.
  • Check the button to accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next
  • Click next again to save the file in the default location or choose a new file location
  • Uncheck the “Read installation instructions” and click Finish.
  • Your computer should give you a shield alert, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” Select Yes
  • A new installation wizard will pop up, select Install printer drivers, then click Next
    • At this point, plug the printer into power and turn it on. Now you may plug the USB printer cable into the computer, the window will recognize this device and you can click Next >
    • The Printer Model is SNBC BTP-L520 BPLE and the Port will show where it's currently plugged in*
      *NOTE - The printer will only be recognized in the USB port used during setup, if you attempt to plug in the printer to another port, it won't recognize your previous settings/configuration.
  • Check the box for “Use this printer as the default printer.” Click Next then click Finish

Configuration of the printer

  • Download the Configuation file here:
    saffire.com/microcomtemplate (Note: If the link does not initiate the download, please copy and paste the following link into a new tab on your browser: printprin)
    • This file will download, but you won't be directed to another page. If prompted, save the file in your Downloads folder.

This file won't be opened - you will upload it to the Driver in the following steps

  • Go to your computer's Control Panel and then select "View Devices and Printers"
  • Right click on the “SNBC…” printer and select Printer Properties
    • Open the “Tools” tab
      1. Click “Driver Options…”
      2. Click “Import” and navigate to your This PC > Downloads folder 
      3. Select “saffiremicrcom520” file and click Open
    • Click OK then Apply, OK again to get back to the Printer Properties window
    • Click the “General” tab
    • Click the “Preferences..” button
      1. Click the “Page Setup“ tab
      2. Within the “Preset” section, select “2.5.5 Boca (mcom) L180”
      3. Set the Orientation to Landscape 180°
      4. Click Apply
      5. Click the “Graphics” tab
  • Verify “Dithering” is set to “None” then click Apply

    • Click Ok

Load Ticket Stock into the Microcom 520

  • Feed the stock through the back so that the perforated stub is the first thing to be printed on. The left edge of the ticket will be the last thing to go through the printer.
  • Slide the ticket stub under the green roll holder so that the ticket edges are being hugged by the guide.
    *this is important to make sure that your tickets stay on-track*
  • Close the lid to the printer and press the round feed button on the top of the printer to prepare to print. Now press that feed button one more time to spit out a single blank ticket. This should calibrate the printer to the start of the next ticket without having to guess.

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