Reserved Tickets - Ticket Face

THE FINAL STEP for creating/editing a reserved seat product in SaffireTix™ (each ticket has an assigned seat #).

This feature is not activated on all sites. 

Spark location: Commerce > Products > Add Product 

Other steps:  Initial Setup | General tabSales tab | Redemption tabTicket Face

You can see exactly how the tickets will appear to your customers! The preview on the right instantly reflects changes you make.. 

Template: unless you have asked us to create a specific online template for you, use the default as it appears

Upload Image: will place an "Advertiser" logo on the top right of your ticket. If you don't intend to add "Advertiser Text" to the top right of your ticket, we recommend you use a horizontal image/graphic/logo to display larger on the top right of the ticket. 

Ticket Note: is the best place to remind customers what to do with this ticket

Ticket Sponsors: you may select up to 4 sponsors to display on your ticket face. If the sponsors already exist in your system, you can check the box for "Ticket Sponsor" and Use Default will automatically display these. If you would like to customize your sponsors, click Custom and add/select sponsors as needed

TICKET FACE - Box Office: will allow you to determine how your tickets sold from box office will appear.

Template: again, unless we've customized a template for you, only use the default for the printer you have in hand

Ticket Note: you may add up to 255 characters of text to the bottom edge of your box office tickets. The preview will reflect what you enter there

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