Microcom 485T / 485TC

Microcom 485T / 485TC (300dpi Cutter)

  • Install the printer driver which can be found at: http://saffire.com/485tc (copy and paste into a new tab in your browser to begin download)
    • After the download has completed, you are going to want to Extract all files into a local folder on your computer.
    • First run: Setup-
      • Follow the prompts to complete the setup
        NOTE: select 485TC W (300dpi) cutter or 485T W (300dpi) cutter from the dropdown list
  • Midway through the setup, you will be asked to plug in and turn on the printer.
    • Verify that you select the correct printer when you get the dropdown. 
  • Open Control Panel, View devices and printers
    • Right click on the Microcom 485TC and select: Printing Preferences

  • Select the Paper tab
    • Change the Rotation to 270°
    • Click Apply
  • Click OK

Loading ticket stock

Feed stock though the green guides in the back and it should automatically recognize the stock and feed to edge.

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