First Steps: Commerce Products

  • SaffireCommerce is for non-ticketed sellable items such as paid registrations, merchandise, donations, fees, dues, vendor deposits and more. 
  • If you need to get started creating ticketing products through SaffireTix, refer to First Steps: Creating Ticketing Products
  • Just getting started with ecommerce? You'll want to hop over to SaffireCommerce 101 before continuing with this article.
  • Saffire charges a $0.50 fee for each non-ticketing item sold through your website. This is billed every 6 months along with your web hosting & licensing invoice. Other than that, enabling ecommerce on your site has no additional cost! 
  • Following the steps in this article before creating any SaffireCommerce™ products will make the process simpler and faster. Ready? Go!

First, go to Commerce > Product Categories to add or modify the names of the categories your items for sale are associated with. You'll use this tool for filtering your reports - and you can refine your filtering even further by adding sub-categories. If you plan on having hundreds of sales year over year, a good rule to follow is creating a category for the current year (such as '2019 Fair') and use sub-categories for the types of sales you'll have: merchandise, registrations, donations, etc. 

Read more about Product Categories.

Second, go to Commerce > Commerce Settings. Here you can add:

  • 'Sales Tax' which would get applied to all transactions
  • 'Transaction Fees' which would also get applied to transactions based on specific sales channels
  • 'Product Fees' which are unique for individual products (the actual amounts are added when creating your products)
  • 'Shipping Methods' for both non-ticketing and ticketing purchases (this is rarely used for ticketing). 

Read more about about Commerce Settings

Once you have these up-to-date you can jump over to  Sales > Products. Familiarize yourself with Using the Products Dashboard, then you'll be ready to start Creating Commerce Products.

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