Products Dashboard

The Products Dashboard is your management tool for both non-ticketed products (SaffireCommerce) and ticketing products (SaffireTix).

Both types of products require an integrated payment gateway - SaffireTix also requires a ticketing service agreement. Check with Support if you're interested in learning more about either of these services.

From the Dashboard you can create, edit and review products.

Spark location: Commerce > Products

  • Click the Add Product button when you're ready to create a new product
  • The More button appears on sites with SaffireTix
    • You can customize the display order of products on the Box Office screen
    • You can print sample SUCCESS and DENIED tickets so that your team can run test scans.
    • You can display and/or print your site QR code for use when setting up SaffieTix devices. This makes it easy to add the site URL to the app.

  • The checkboxes to the left of the product names are used with the Actions dropdown menu. This allows you to reassign products to different categories, or to deactivate products. Also, you can check the box in the blue bar to select all of your products simultaneously. Sometimes it's easier to select everything at first, then uncheck any boxes you don't want to modify before choosing an action.
  • The Active dropdown allows you to toggle between Active and Inactive (deactivated) products
  • The Filters dropdown can shorten the list of products shown on screen by choosing specific categories or sales channels.

The onscreen list can be sorted by Name, Type/Channel, Category or Subcategory. Just click on the column name to change the sort.

The Details link on the right opens a preview window which is used for quick 'product checks' - it displays the event date(s), redemption rules, online and box office sales detail, and pre-printed ticket counts.

Hovering over the Product name will display a menu with various options depending on the type of product. Here are several examples:

A commerce product:

A general admission ticket:

A reserved ticket:

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