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Importing Events
Link to an Event

Anything you intend to post on your site which has a date - and possibly a time - should be FIRST created as an Event. This will automatically add it to your event calendar. After than, you can include links to the event page from anywhere on your site, such as the main navigation, homepage features, and other pages. But before you create an event, we recommend the following steps:

Set your Event Categories 

These are controlled from the Sitemap and will ultimately be the filters you and your customers can use to see specific events only. It's okay if you add a new one later but setting these in advance can make adding event more straight forward.  Read More About Event Categories

Double Check Your Year

Before loading up all those events double check that your year is set and correctly enabled in Tools > Site Settings > Year. Read More About Year Settings Here

Set Your Location

Locations apply to both events & businesses. They can be real places or the fun names for stages, play areas, or local parks that may not have "official" addresses. Read More About Locations

Build A Template

Event templates can be a great way to customize how certain types of events appear on your website. Learn More About Building Templates

Learn about the Events Dashboard and Adding An Event Page Here

Consider Importing

At the top of the Events Dashboard there is the option to IMPORT - this allows you to download an excel sheet that once filled with event information and imported creates quick events in mass quantities. This might be a great way to import a history of events or even get a lot of event pages started at once.

Link from your Main Navigation

You might want to emphasize your event page in your main navigation. In this case "Copy" the page URL and then add a static link to your site map so you don't have to build two different pages!

Regardless of whether you utilize the event tools as a venue, for one big event each year, or just to post community meetings, the key to success is strategy. Get to know all the capabilities and ways you can adapt these standards for you!

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