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Every event is tied to a specific year in the calendar, which allows you to choose which year(s) your visitors can see and search. At certain times, you might wish to show events from only the current year - at other times it might be appropriate to show the following year - or, you might want your visitors to be able to see events from any number of years in the past.

Spark location: Tool> Site Settings > Year


To create a new year, you have two options:

Add a New Year -  start fresh select add new year and input the new year (press save!)


Hover over the pencil icon and choose Copy - this allows you to copy all the events from a previous year to the new year of your choice. If most of your events repeat from year-to-year, this allows you to create all the events for the next year with just one click. After they're created, you'll need to edit the dates/times/pricing and any other pertinent information for the upcoming year. This is much faster than recreating each event from scratch!


Be sure to check the boxes for the years you want active on your site and  Save

You can see this in action beginning at the 1:20 mark:

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