Create & Manage Templates

Create and manage 'starting points' for all of your general site pages, event pages, and business pages.

Saffire provides default templates in each area, but you can create as many templates as you like, then choose an appropriate template as you begin building a new page. Templates are not retroactive, so any existing pages will not be affected is a template is modified.

Spark location: Site Map > Page Templates

Spark location: Events > Event Templates

Spark location: Businesses > Business Templates

  • ADD TEMPLATE opens a design window and functions just like creating a new page - except it's only for building standardized layouts.*
  • You can choose which templates to view: 'Active', 'Inactive', or 'All'
  • 'More' allows you to 'Edit Default Module Headings', which customizes the headings of all your modules
  • Mouse over any template name and you can 'edit', 'copy', 'deactivate', or 'set as default' - UNLESS the template is designated under the column heading 'Default Template'. The active default template cannot be deactivated until another template is chosen as the default.

After choosing Save & Create Page you'll see at least two sections and seven core modules (depending on the template you chose), as well as an expanded tool box.

Need ideas?

We've created demo pages so you can see what the prebuilt templates look like on a live site with real content: 

Dynamic Pages: *

Event Pages: *

Business Pages: *

* Refer to the article "Create a Page (non-event/non-business)" for details on working with Sections, Modules & Tools.

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