Map Sales

Sell locations on a map with the Map module! Use it to sell tables at a gala or event, sell a booth space at a market day or trade show, sell horse and livestock stalls during an event!

If you already have your categories established, you'll want to select the post purchase options by clicking Edit on the category '...'  ellipses button. (to build a Map from scratch, start with this article: click here)

Determine how you want the pin to appear once it has been purchased:

  • The pin will simply be removed
  • It will be marked as "purchased"
  • It will be marked as "purchased" with a name associated with it (this is good for Trade Show floor sales and gala tables purchased)

  • To add pins to the map, click the "..." ellipses power dots of the pin category and select Place Pins
  • Click your mouse on any map location to place the pins. 
  • Hover over a pin to Edit and begin adding sales info

  • Select the For Sale radio button
  • Search for the product or add a new product directly from this screen
  • Name the space if it needs to be identified differently from other pins in the category
  • Select if the space is available or sold
  • Click SAVE & CLOSE

Once a pin has been added to the map with the product tied to it, you can hover over the pin and select "Copy." From there you can click your mouse on the map for locations that you need to drop additional pins, click FINISHED COPYING when you're finished dropping pins. Be sure to come back and give the space a name if it needs to be identified separately. 

Here is an example of a space with a name that has been purchased, including the "purchaser name."

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