In order for a User to access the SaffireTix or Sales portion of Spark and our SaffireTix app, they must be added as a User in Spark.

Spark location: Tools > Users > Add a New User

Add a New User opens a pop up window...

General tab requires first & last name, email address, a password and password confirmation. Click Save & Continue.

For  first name and last name, you can make a generic user account like "Ticket Scanner" or "Ticket Seller" and all of the people that will work your gates or ticket windows can be logged in as the same user. Don't worry, as long as you have your different locations set up, your reporting will provide that extra layer of data.

However, if you need your users (maybe ticket sellers) to have individual logins to the app, this is where you'll need to set them up individually. 


Account Info tab stores optional information and notes. Click SAVE & CONTINUE to move on.

Access tab allows a user to be designated as an admin and/or a member.

  • This Person is a Member - check this box to allow the user to see private member information (this may not be enabled on your site).
  • This Person is an Admin - check this box to allow the user to access Spark (this will provide them access to reporting). Once checked, you'll be able to select which sections of your site this user can edit. (if you're only creating accounts for people to use the SaffireTix app to scan or sell tickets, do not check the box for This person is an Admin)
  • Device Access Rights - check this box to give the user login access to a SaffireTix™ device 

Click SAVE & CONTINUE to proceed to the SaffireTix tab

SaffireTix tab - Once you have given Device Access Rights for SaffireTix, you will need to enter a Device Login Pin Code. From there, you can create a Pin to login to the app and a Default Location once the User has logged in.

If you've created a generic "ticket scanner" account, do NOT select a default location, only enter a PIN. 


For a more specific account you can select the locations that a User has access to. They will not see or have the option to sell/scan at any other locations and they will be limited to the products that have been tied to that location. For more on Locations watch the video below or read this article.