Users - Add a New User: Members

On this tab, Member Levels and the Renewal date are the only required data fields when adding a user to your member section. But, there are several other options to consider for tracking your membership.

Spark location: Tools > Users > Add a New User > Members


  • associate a user with a specific Industry - add a new industry, if needed. (optional)
  • record a membership Renewal date, or view the Membership renewal history - In order for a new user to not be expired you must record their last membership renewal.
  • select a Member level - Note: annual memberships automatically expire 365 days after "last membership renewal".


  • Add/Edit Custom Field to include information unique to your membership - there's no limit to the number of fields you create.
    The image above shows five custom fields: member since, member level since, date of birth, website url and business.
  • check This member belongs to committees if needed, then check the appropriate boxes
  • select an Email Preference to determine whether the user email is displayed on your website  
  • select Hide Profile if you don't want this user to be displayed on your website
  • Save
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