SaffireTix™: Hip Printer

Star Micronics SM-L300 (AKA: Hip Printer)

The wireless Hip Printer is ideal for quick sales. It instantly connects to your SaffireTix iOS device via Bluetooth technology and allows you to print a ticket or receipt quickly and easily, from anywhere! 

This small portable printer is ideal for:

  • selling down the line to get customers in the gates quickly
  • parking lots
  • merchandise/general store
  • quick set up gate admission sales

This printer is NOT for:

  • reserved seating
  • selling in advance (weeks) before an event - The Hip Printer prints to a thick receipt paper and although we've done some thorough stress testing on the stock, it's more likely a customer would lose a receipt ticket if it's sold in advance. I'm sure we've all accidentally run a receipt through our washing machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to purchase?
A: These cost approximately $375 + shipping expenses to purchase, however if you would like to purchase lots of printers, we can work with our Vendor to get the best rate possible.

Q: How much does the stock cost?
A: Just like our other printers, if you are using SaffireTix branded stock, we will provide that to you at no additional expense. If you would like to order custom stock, we can put you in contact with one of our partners to design and get you quotes. These will vary depending on several factors such as quantity, colors, front and back printing, etc. Just reach out to your coach or send an email to

Q: I don't want to own a printer, can I rent one?
A: Yes! We do offer these at a rental rate too if you need many of them for an annual event or even just a weekend. Pricing should be included on your Saffire Contract or reach out to your Coach.

Q: Can I use these printers in my Box Office?
A: Yes and No, These printers have a very small footprint, they don't take much space so they are ideal for many spaces. However they ONLY pair to the SaffireTix iOS App, so if you are selling reserved seating, this isn't the printer for you, but if you are only selling General Admission, this will work great! If you aren't sure if it'll work for a specific use case, just ask. We are happy to talk through it with you!

Q: Can I use this printer with an iPad?
A: Yes, any Apple iOS device with Bluetooth that's running the latest version of the SaffireTix app will be able to use this printer.

Q: How long does the battery last on the Hip Printer?
A: The battery will last a full day, they last much longer than a mobile phone. They charge using a micro USB, we'd encourage plugging them in at the end of the day.

Q: How do I load the receipt paper?
A: To load the paper, all you have to do in press down on the black button on the right side of the printer, the top will open. Then remove the old paper core and drop in the new paper with a bit of stock coming out of the opening. Tear along the tear bar and you're ready to keep going! (referenced in the video below)

Q: I've run out of paper and it's the middle of my event, can I use thermal receipt paper that I can buy at Staples/Office Max?
A: There are some size requirements for this stock which make it a bit difficult to purchase at a whim at an office supply store. However, in an emergency situation you can get thermal stock and divide it into multiple rolls. The paper width is one of the standard sizes, the big difference comes to the paper length (or diameter of the roll).

Q: How many tickets can I sell with 1 roll?
A: approx.~235. This will vary depending on the number of tickets in each transaction. This printer will print the receipt first followed be each QR code, so if you print two tickets on one transaction, it won't use as much stock as printing two separate orders with 1 ticket each. We estimate about 235 tickets each roll by averaging the variable sizes and by rounding down safely.

Specifications that we provide/recommend are: 80 gram (thicker paper) Thermal receipt paper, 80mm width, 80 ft length
If you choose to use thinner receipt paper, Star recommends: Paper SM-L300, SM-L304: 80mm width, 122 ft length - Part Number: 37966590

Tips, Tricks, and anything else!

  • Use this printer for merchandise by creating a SaffireTix product* but on the Inventory and Codes tab of the product editor, uncheck the box that says Generate Codes on Purchase to only print a receipt instead of a QR code with redemption options.
    • *NOTE: Any merchandise being sold as a Tix product will be billed as a Tix product in accordance to your Saffire Contract.
  • When a new user logs into the app, be sure to check that you are paired to the correct printer at the start of each shift. You don't want to finish a transaction only to learn that the ticket isn't printing because the printer isn't paired.
  • When pairing the printer you will need to verify the last 5 digits of the serial number, these can be found on the back of the printer on a small sticker. Many of the printers that we rent have a label on the front that shows this number. As a tip, we'd recommend this, it will be much easier to find which printer you are using and the pair/verification process will be much quicker! 
    • Additional Tip: if the serial number is rubbed off or not easily visible, if you take that printer a good distance away from the others and turn it on, it should be the only one on the list. Then you can create a label or write it on the top of the printer.

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