Hip Printer - Factory Reset

If any of your Hip Printers have settings that may have been changes for some reason or another, you can Factory Reset the printer.
There are only 2 buttons on the hip printer, so you will have to follow the instructions in order to navigate the menu items.

  1. Start with the Hip Printer Powered ON
  2. Press and hold the MODE & FEED buttons for 5 seconds
    1. You will see "Enter Menu Mode" in the OLED
  3. Press the MODE button once to switch the menu item to 2 System Setting
    1. Display: 1 Self Test --> 2 System Setting
  4. Press the FEED button once to get into the System Setting menu.
    You will see “Input Password 0000” in the OLED.
    Press FEED button to move cursor(“_”), press MODE button to switch the number (0~9).
    Password: 0000(default)
    1. Press and hold FEED button for 2 seconds to get into the menu.
    2. Display:
      1 Density
      2 Standby Time
      3 Auto Off Time
      4 Smart Power
      5 Paper Type
      6 BM Sensor
      7 Printable Area
      8 Factory Reset
      9 Password
      10 Previous Menu 
  5. Press the MODE button 7 times to switch the menu item--Factory Reset.
    1. Press the FEED button once to get into the menu.
      Display: 0-N 1-Y 
    2. Press MODE to change value 1
  6. Press and hold FEED button for 2 seconds (release after hearing the beep)

The printer should have just turned off. 
You can now POWER ON the printer by pressing the Power/MODE button for 3 seconds like usual, pair with SaffireTix app and use as normal.

To download the User Manual for the Star Micronics Hip Printer (SM-L300), click this link or paste it into your search bar: https://www.starmicronics.com/Support/Mannualfolder/sm-l300_hm_en.pdf

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