Users dashboard

This is where you can add new users, edit user information, set passwords, control site access, and view related orders.

Spark location: Tools > Users 


The functions here are very similar to the Events or Businesses dashboards.

  • choose to view Active or Inactive users
  • specify the type of users you want to see:
    - all users
    - admins
    - members
    - SaffireTix™
For existing users, you can hover over the pencil or name to make changes, or check related orders:
  • Edit allows you to change a password, update user information or modify the access level
  • View Orders will open a purchases report for that specific user 
  • Login to Customer Site will show you their view of the client site
  • Deactivate will shut off user access
To add a new user account, choose Add a New User .

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