SaffireTix App - User Guide

New to SaffireTix? We're confident you'll find our app easy to use for scanning and/or selling - in fact, you'll likely have it mastered in almost no time at all. It can run on both iPhones and iPads, so you can choose whichever device best meets your needs.

  • If you're using a device provided by Saffire, you will find SaffireTix already installed. Pull down from the middle of the screen to find the app with the white & blue flame.
  • If you wish to load the app on your own device, visit the Apple App Store and search for 'SaffireTix'. There's no charge for downloading app.

Logging In

Select your preferred login mode.

If you choose PIN:

  1. Enter your Event's URL:
  2. Enter your unique PIN
  3. Click "Continue"

If you choose Email & Password:

  1. Enter your Event's URL:
  2. Enter the email address of the User that is setup to scan or sell tickets - i.e., PW: 1234
  3. Click "Continue"

You can avoid typing in the URL by using the camera icon to scan your site QR code. This is especially convenient when setting up multiple devices! The QR code is found in Spark under Commerce > SaffireTix > Site QR Code

Select Location

  • After logging in, you will be shown the "Select Location" screen.
  • Select the location where you will be scanning or selling tickets.
  • You will see an icon notating if a location is designated as an Entry or Exit location on this list.
    • If you are using the SaffireTix app for capacity tracking, verify your Locations are setup correctly in Spark.
    • NOTE: Exit locations are designed to scan all tickets, therefore ignoring redemption rules set up on your individual products.

Scan Mode

The camera icon at the bottom of the app switches the app into "Scan Mode".

  • Click on "Scan Ticket" to begin scanning a ticket.
  • Hold the QR code approximately one foot away from the camera.
  • There is a Quick Scan setting within the Settings Menu, this feature will allow the camera to remain open for as long as there are Successful scans. If a ticket is denied, then the scanner will have to manually click 'NEW SCAN' in order to proceed.
  • The app will show a green Success and chime when the ticket has been approved.

Denied Alert

  • After scanning a ticket, the app will make a loud noise (if the sound is on) and show a red Denied banner if the ticket is not valid.
  • The fail reason will show on the Denied screen.
  • A Denied alert can mean several things, be sure to read the reason:
    • The ticket is not valid for that particular event
    • The ticket is not valid for that particular date/time/location
    • The ticket has already been redeemed at another location and/or time
  • If the camera cannot read the QR code, you may also manually enter the letters listed underneath the code by clicking the button "Enter Code Manually"

Scan History

  • After a Denied alert, you can check the Scan History to determine if the ticket has already been used.
  • Click the "Code Scan History"
  • Select the latest Denied scan in Red to see that Ticket's history
  • In the example below, you can see the date and time where it was successfully redeemed. You can politely inform the customer that the ticket was previously redeemed at a specific Date/Time/Location.

Settings Screen

  • Access the settings screen by touching the Settings widget in the lower right corner (see below).

  • The Settings screen is where you go to select a new Location, turn on the flash on the Apple device's camera, look up an order, or log out.
  • You MUST log out and log in with your email address if you switch devices.
  • If you take the scanner to a new location, click on the Current Location and you can select your new Location from the list available.

Sales Mode

  • Touch the $ widget at the bottom of the app to begin Sales Mode if you're selling tickets.
  • Use the + and - signs to add quantities of each ticket being purchased.
  • For credit card payment, select Credit Card (bottom right button), and slide or insert the card through the credit card reader on the apple device to complete the payment.
  • The app will show a green Success screen when the credit card has been approved.
  • For cash payment, select the Cash Change or Cash Exact button, enter the amount of cash received, and the app will calculate the change due.
  • Click OK to record the payment. The change due will be repeated on the green Success screen.

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