Add Product For Sale (non-ticket)

How to create a product which is for sale through SaffireCommerce™. If you need a little more theory or "first steps" before getting started, we recommend our first sales
Spark location: Sales> Products > Add Product (or edit a product) 
Spark location: Events > Add a New Event (or edit an event) > Items > Add Item > Add Product
Get step-by-step details for other types of For Sale products: 

SaffireTix™ General Admission

SaffireTix™ Reserved Seating


  1. Add Product Name 
  2. Select or add a new category 
  3. Add a website description on the product (Optional) but highly recommended, especially if there is an incentive or discount for limited time, or specific instructions for the customer during checkout
  4. Add the Price 
    1. if you select Set Price, you will enter in the $ amount
    2. if you select Free Form Price you can allow your customer to enter in the amount they want to pay/donate, etc. However, you can control the minimum and maximum your customer is allowed to enter in the free form price field
  5. Add or create a new Product Fee (optional) Note: this fee will be multiplied by the quantity of this product your customer purchases
    1. Once you've selected the Product Fee name, you can choose whether to add a $ amount fee or percentage
  6. Click Show Advanced Options (all of these are optional, and the default works for most)
  7. Choose either unlimited inventory or set an inventory limit
  8. Enter a maximum Order Limit (the default is 10, if you're happy with 10, no need to input anything here)
    this will be the total quantity of this product a customer can add to their cart in one transaction
  9. Choose whether the Buy Now Button is On (recommended), Off or Scheduled.
    1. if you select Schedule it, you can enter the dates this product is available for purchase and add a countdown if it isn't on sale yet
  10. Customize the Buy Now button text
  11. Add custom text to the receipt 
  12. Add the email(s) to receive orders. Note: Account Settings has a default address that will receive copies of all order emails. This field will send product specific order confirmation emails to the addresses you add here.
  13. Check the box if this product should have shipping methods and fees, sales tax, or allows
  14. Add a registration or entry form 
  15. Add an image that will display in the ITEMS module on the web page 
  16. Click SAVE in the right site TOOLS menu

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