Creating External Products

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Commerce Products

Create a product which is for sale through an External site (such as Ticketmaster).

This enables the 'Buy Now' button in the Items module on an event page, as well as on homepage features which are linked to that event.

Spark location:

Commerce > Products > Add Product (or edit a product) 
Events > Add Event (or edit an event) > Items > Add Item > Add Product


  1. Add Product Name
  2. Select or add a new category
  3. Add a description (optional)

  4. Add the External Provider URL - this is the actual 'http' or 'https' address where the end user will purchase the ticket or merchandise
  5. Add Price - this is a text field, so it can contain ranges such as $20-$40, or messages such as "prices vary"
  6. Click Show Advanced Options (all of these are optional, and the default works for most)
  7. Choose whether the Buy Now Button is On (recommended) or Off, or Scheduled.
  8. Customize the button text (optional)
  9. Add an image to represent this product (optional)
  10. Click SAVE in the right-hand side TOOLS menu

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