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We can modular drag and drop pages of your website, "dynamic pages" within the Site Map. These are completely customizable and have a ton of interesting features to help you best manage your website. 

Spark location: Site Map dashboard and drop down menu

You can create a new page by clicking on Site Map icon in the header of Spark. Once the page loads, navigate to the section you want to add a new page under and click the grey "+ ADD NEW PAGE" button. You can also hover over the Pages icon, hover over the navigation section you want to add a new page to and click "+ ADD NEW PAGE" at the bottom of the drop down.

You will first be required to give the page a title. This will be visible at the top of the page and will be searchable on your website.

When you click Save, go to the top right corner of the page in the Tools box. 

By default, the unlisted box will be checked. We leave this box checked by default as you might want to finish building the page before you List it. When you're ready, just un-check that box and click Save. An Unlisted Page means that this page is not visible in the navigation. If the page title is blue, but has an Unlisted icon (U) next to it, that means it is active and you can share the URL of that page (via email or social media), but it can't be found in the navigation. When you create a new page, it's automatically marked as Unlisted so that it isn't visible on your website until you're ready to list it. This makes it easy for you to preview the page as you build it to ensure it looks 'just right' before you List it. Another reason you might use this feature is to share a page with an internal group like staff, board, or vendors. Or, you might use an unlisted page as a landing page for a special offer that requires limited access.

The Tools box in the top right corner of the page gives you different options on how to setup the page. Click on Settings to check if a page is a Member Site, change the Page URL, or add SEO information under More Options.

Member Site will be a service only enabled for our clients that have a Member Site enabled. If you have a member site and don't want this page to be accessible to the public unless the user is a member and logs in, check this box! 

The Page URL section will allow you to pick the ending of the URL of this specific page. Just keep in mind that the page will be "nested" so the URL will look something like this: http://mywebsite.com/navigationheading/location-name

Under More Options, you have the ability to add SEO Keywords to the pageEnter a few phrases or keywords to this section, separated by a comma.

The SEO Title and SEO Description will be the short paragraph description in your Google and search results. 

None of these steps are absolutely necessary to create a new page. These are items you can come back and perfect once you've gotten started on the build out of the page. Once you click SAVE, you can start adding in content modules to the page by hovering over a Section or Module and selecting the + icon.

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