Page Types

There are three types of pages you can create on your Saffire site: 

Dynamic Pages - Event Pages - Business Pages

All of these pages can utilize SEO, learn more about that here!

Dynamic Pages are any pages that aren't events or businesses. They can be anything such as job listings, sponsor pages, press releases, etc.

Spark Location: Site Map > Add a New Page

You're able to customize/add any module on a page as long as there is a title.

Event pages are events that are located on the event calendar in Spark. They can be organized into different categories.

Spark Location: Events > +Add a New Event

Here's what event pages look like in the event calendar.

Here's what an event page looks like. You're able to customize most everything on this page. The page will have default information such as the date, category, social sharing, and items, but you're able to hide those from view.

The last page option we have are our Business pages.These pages can be submitted by local businesses/vendors in the area (pending your approval) or you can upload information. 

Spark Location: Businesses > + Add a New Business

Business listings show by category and are in a gallery format.

Individual business pages look very similar to event pages and information showing on the page can be customized.

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