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There are four types of pages associated with your Saffire site, each with unique functionality and purpose. The content you're presenting determines the type of page you need to use. Note: all of these pages can utilize SEO - learn more about that here.

Dynamic Pages

Dynamic Pages will likely account for the majority of content on your website. These support a variety of content modules and layouts, and can include just about anything... such as staff listings, venue history, contact information, press releases, directions, facility details, and so on. 

Dynamic pages are not the best choice for Events, and - in some cases - Businesses. Those can be added to unique databases within your site which allow for sorting and searching. There's more on those types of pages further down in this article.

The Title module is the only required module, otherwise you're starting with a blank page or a custom template. You can add 1, 2 or 3 column sections, and you have a dozen types of content modules to choose from. Layout options are countless! 

Event Pages

Event pages create entries in your Event Calendar - which make them the logical location to be adding content for anything which has a date. And rather than creating both an event page and a dynamic page with similar or identical content, you can add links to the event page from anywhere on your site - including the main navigation. This will streamline your site management and ensure that all of your events are listed in the calendar.

Event pages have the same section & module functionality as Dynamic pages, yet they also include organizational features such as categories, sub-categories, locations, custom data fields and tags. The basic event page includes the title, location, category, share, description, items, and media modules. These can't be deleted from the page, yet any of them can be hidden from public view, if you wish. Note: only one 'Items' module can appear on an event page.

Business pages

Business pages are extremely similar to Event pages, except they don't have dates associated with them. Businesses and Events stand apart as unique databases, yet they do share a common 'locations' data field. So if a user clicks on the linked location on either of these page types the resulting page displays a list of businesses and events at that location. There's not currently an option for displaying events on business pages, nor businesses on event pages. 

If you need to post just a few businesses (possibly nearby hotels which would fit on a page or two), the business database may be overkill for your site. But it is ideal if you have dozens of listings which need to be searchable and categorized. If you don't see 'Businesses' in the top navigation of Spark, the database will need to be activated on your site. Just check with Saffire Support.

Business and/or Event pages can be configured to accept user submissions to the listings. Of course, these submissions require approval from a designated member of your team before appearing on your site. Check with our support team if you're interested in learning more.

Saffire legacy pages

Legacy pages refer to unique, preformatted pages which originated in early versions of the Saffire software. These have limited functionality and flexibility, and they lack the Section & Module capabilities of dynamic, event & business pages. Yet they remain on the platform because some clients prefer to use them. You'll find the legacy pages listed in the Site Map, typically under the 'About' section - but if someone has worked in Spark ahead of you, the pages may have been moved to another section or indented under other pages. The legacy 'collection' includes:

  • jobs/internships
  • video gallery
  • newsroom
  • newsletters
  • event map
  • history timeline
  • event results
  • events by date

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