Exporting Form Submissions

The Form module allows you to add a form directly to a dynamic page, OR, add a link to a form.

Forms are covered in detail on these related pages:

* Important *

Do not request credit card details, social security information, passwords, or similar types of personal information on any of your forms — Saffire may remove forms without notice which ask for this type of information. We recommend collecting this type of data over the phone or offline to ensure privacy.

Spark Location: Tools > Forms

You will see a list of all the forms that you currently have active within Spark. 

You will want to first locate the form that you would like to export. 

After locating the form that you want to collect the information for, click export:

A new pop-up will appear where you can select the date range for which you want to export the submissions, then click export below the dates and an Excel CSV file will export. 


After the file is exported you can open the document in Excel and see the submissions and the information associated with each one.

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