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Invoicing, often referred to as reservations, are a great way for you to set aside tickets that are already allocated to customers that pay for them. Invoicing is already available on your site, and you may have seen the option appear when converting a seat to a sale from Holds. However, we've improved this tool to not only label a seat as 'invoice', but to actually put that invoice in the inboxes of your customers to pay and access their digital tickets!

The first step to use invoicing is to enable it for certain SaffireTix locations. In order to do this you'll go to COMMERCE > SAFFIRETIX > PAYMENT TYPES. Hover over the pencil on the Invoice payment type and click Edit. The popup will give you the option of adding invoicing to your Box Office locations.
NOTE: Invoicing is only available through Manage Seats and in Web Box Office, you cannot Invoice from the iOS mobile app.

After enabling this Payment Type for your SaffireTix™ Locations, you can now log into box office and you will see 'OTHER' as a button below CARD & CASH when products are in your cart. When you select OTHER, you'll have a dropdown that will now include the Invoice option.
If you are building out the Invoice from Web Box Office, you can add multiple products to the single Invoice: including General Admission, Reserved seats, Packages, Season Products.

Requirements for Invoice 

Due to the nature of how Invoices work, you are required to collect some (minimal) information.
To create an invoice you must have: 

  • Customer/Business Name
  • Email
  • Invoice Due Date - This date allows for a flag of past due invoices in the Purchases Report. When an invoice is expired, you can choose to cancel it, remind the customer to pay it, or extend it.

The reason these are required is because when creating invoices, you will automatically send your customer an email with a link for them to pay their invoice online. 
After you submit the Invoice from Box Office, you will have the option to add a custom 'Note To Customer', this will appear in the top of the email. 

Customer Experience

After you've completed your Invoice to the customer from Web Box Office, an email will be sent to the email you've provided.
NOTE: Much of this email's language is standard and built off your site/account settings, if you require any changes to this, please let us know via

Here is how the email will look: 
You can see the Note To Customer (mentioned above) highlighted in yellow

After receiving this email, the customer will be able to click the hyperlink to pay their invoice and will be brought to the cart of your website with those products ready to be purchased. 

As soon as they complete the Checkout process, they will get a new email with their invoice being turned into an "Order" with tickets that are now accessible to them to download and print or to show on their mobile device for access to your event!

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