5.8 Release Notes


  • Spark > Manage Seats
    • Admins can create invoices
  • Spark > Purchase Report
    • Admins can filter by “type”
      • Order
      • Invoice
        • Current
        • Past Due
    • Admins can record payment on invoices
    • Admins can export invoices and orders
      • After an invoice has been paid for, it is converted to an order and some of it’s original invoice information is present in the export (like when it was created, who created it, etc.)
      • Invoices will not have ticket codes in the export until they've been paid for and are converted to 'orders'
    • Admins can batch send payment reminders to customers
      • The template for this is editable when the admin sends it
    • Admins can manage the due date of an invoice
    • Admins can batch print invoice receipts
    • The action menu for orders/invoices is now vertical
  • Spark > Sales Report
    • This is integrated into our existing Sales report as new views
      • These views are only present if invoicing is enabled
    • Admins can view how much potential revenue is tied to invoices.
    • These reports can be broken down at both the transactional and product level
    • Once an invoice is paid for or cancelled it is removed from the invoice reports and the data shows with normal orders  
  • Spark > Inventory Report
    • Admins can view how much inventory is tied to invoices
  • Spark > Transaction Fees
    • Admins can mark that a credit card fee is added in all channels when an invoice is paid for
      • Since credit card fees aren’t applied when an invoice is created, we need this to allow our customers to recoup the credit card fee when a invoice is paid.  This fee (if the option is enabled) is applied in both the online and box office channel when paying for an invoice.
  • Spark > Locations
    • Invoicing can be enabled to work at specific web box office location(s)
    • When enabled at a box office location, the seller can both process an invoice payment and invoice cancellation (if provided the appropriate user level rights)
  • Web Box Office
    • At locations where invoicing is enabled a seller can process payments on invoices via all enabled payment types other than invoice
  • Public Site
    • Customers can pay for invoices online via our existing shopping cart.  There is a direct hyperlink to the cart from the invoice receipt that is emailed out when the invoice is created

Ticket Transfers

  • General Notes
    • Tickets can only be transferred once
    • During a transfer the originally purchased code is deactivated and only the new “transferred” code is active
    • Ticket transfer’s cannot be undone
    • The original purchaser doesn’t have access to transferred tickets
  • Spark > Global Price Types
    • Admins can mark price types as being transferable
  • Spark > Product Editor
    • Admins can override the global price type transferable setting
  • Spark > Purchase Report
    • Admins can export transfer information (name, email and date transferred)
    • We’ve added support for searching for orders by last four on card, transferee name and email
  • Public Site > New Get Tickets Landing Page
    • This is a new landing page for all customer ticket “management”
    • The order receipt’s Get Tickets button now navigates here
    • If the order has a transferable ticket, we provide the option for the customer to transfer those applicable tickets
    • If a ticket on the order has been transferred we still show the ticket to the original purchaser, but don’t allow them to download or transfer it again
    • Transfer Process
      • Customers on the receiving end of the transfer are sent an email with a link to the ticket(s) PDF
  • Box Office
    • We’ve added support for searching for orders by last four on card, transferee name, email and billing/delivery phone
    • Search
      • New UI
      • We no longer have custom print as that’s been replaced by the mechanics of this new UI
      • Transferred tickets are specifically called out with the transferee information
      • By default we don’t pre-select transferred tickets to be printed
  • Mobile
    • We’ve added support for searching for orders by last four on card, transferee name, email and billing/delivery phone
    • Transferred tickets are specifically called out with the transferee information
    • Success/Denied Scan Screens
      • Added ticket transfer information (if applicable to code)

Purchase Report

  • Orders are searchable by billing/delivery phone number

Sales Reports

  • Added support if you don’t have SaffireTix enabled (reporting for commerce products)
  • Simplified the label shown in the view selector to account for sales/invoicing views
  • In the user filter group we now filter out users who have not had any sales

Inventory Report

  • Added SaffireCommerce inventory
  • Relabeled views to callout the two that are reserved seating specific
  • Added “invoiced” data to the 'by product' and 'by status' views, which will allow you to see how much inventory is locked up with invoices

Manage Seats

  • Added the ability to remove seats from selling (ie. kills)
    • Limited number of actions in this tool 10 actions per 24 hours per event.  Be sure to make changes in bulk whenever possible. (ask us if you don't understand)
    • This is the preferred method of blocking seats from selling pre-event versus using holds (removes from your inventory)

Payment Types

  • All supported payment types are now shown
  • Invoice can now be enabled per location and can be disabled if the site won’t use it
  • Check is now an option!
    • When check is selected as a payment type we require a check number be entered

Ticket Templates

  • We no longer add redemption dates to tickets if the ticket doesn’t have a date assigned


  • Added support for EMV via Card Connect VP3300 Bluetooth card/chip readers
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