5.7 Release Notes

Release 5.7


  • Added dynamic payment type support
    • Active payment types can be enabled per web box office location
    • All active payment types are available in the manage seats tool
  • Sales Report Revamp
    • Completely New Look and Feel!
    • Added multi-select filters so you can mix and match the specific data you want to see
    • Selected filters are stored in the URL, so you can bookmark popular reports that you want to come back to on a regular basis
    • Standardized filters across reports so all Transaction Reports have the same data being reported as each other, all Product Reports have the same data as each other, etc.
    • Converted the user, location and date reports to show transaction level data
    • Added payment type summaries to all reports (except payment type report)
    • Sales report now defaults to today
    • Added time selectors even when the date filters span multiple days
    • Allow you to not have to select an end date
    • Improved performance, so it’s more stable when viewing longer time periods
  • Manage Seats
    • You can now place holds on seats regardless of their online/box office status
    • Added validation, blocking negative value orders
    • If a transaction is $0 then we only provide the COMP payment option
  • Partial Refund Tool
    • Simplified the process for non-card transactions
  • Order Cancellation Email
    • Added a quick link to assign a cancellation to the original seller
    • Added the ability to add a note to the customer if you are emailing a confirmation to them
    • Updated the text in the email to remove “refund” wording
  • Order Cancellation emails are now an option for orders that originated from the manage seats tool IF an email was provided AND during the cancellation process the admin checked to send an email. 
  • Pre-Prints impact on reports
    • All active/inactive pre-prints show as sales on the sales repots
    • All deleted pre-prints show as credits on the sale reports
    • Pre-prints are now included in the cashier reports
  • Social Distancing Tools – Our Tix team will provide training on these tools.
    • You can now manage social distancing rules within spark per seat map
    • You can assign specific social distancing rules to reserved products within the product editor

Checkout Updates

  • Added a single line text box to serve as a custom field during the purchase process
    • We can enable this field on the backend, name it and mark if its required
    • The data for this field will show in the purchase report export
  • Improved validation messaging during order placement.
    • For failed orders, the error message is friendlier and the message from the server stands out more. 
    • We’ve also added a “type” label with a value of G (gateway) or S (server) which will tell a support person if the error is from the payment gateway or our server, which will help us troubleshoot and failed orders.

Web Box Office

  • Added validation, blocking negative value orders
  • Improved validation messaging during order placement.
  • Design enhancements to streamline the look of the Web Box Office
    • Moved notes to the Edit Additional Details modal
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