5.4 - 5.6 Release Notes

Platform Updates:


  • Log of all user access changes, who did them, which user was updated and what was changed.
  • New report to view this data is available in spark > tools > auditing > admin usage report

Purchase Report

  • Updated export detail to include the name of the hold that an order was converted from
  • Created consolidated cancel process
  • Added a callout in both the list of orders and the export detail for orders cancelled without a refund

Audit Report

  •  Added a new view that will no longer group hold conversion sales into their own groups which will be the default
    • Added support to maintain existing view, but as a secondary option
  • Added COMP columns to represent all $0 tickets “sold”

Sales Report

  • Renamed from SaffireTix Sales Report to Sales Report
  • New Report: By Product Fee & Tax
  • New Report: By Fee
  • Added SaffireCommerce into our SaffireTix reporting
  •  Added “Accounting Mode”
    • This mode allows an admin to see money that came in on any given day (orders) and money that went out (refunds) on any given day.  Currently our reports only show money based on the date the money came in.  
    • Supported on the “by product”,  ”by user”, ”by location”, ”by date”, ”by product fee & tax” and ”overview” VIEWs
  • Tender Type View
    • Adjusted the report to show ALL money captured via a tender type (ie. product + tax + fees + delivery).  Previously, we only showed product level revenue.
    • Added the number of transactions for a tender type and removed the number of products purchased via a tender type 
  • Overview View
    • Added a new report that includes high level revenue buckets (Product, Tax, Fees and Delivery)
    • Supports Accounting mode

Purchase Report

  • When the canceled filter is selected, the date range filter looks at the cancelled date instead of the sale date of an order and a new filter for cancelled user is provided to which allows you to filter the report based on the person who canceled the order
  • Added the ability to cancel without refunding the money
  • Separated the reserved seat product groupings (ie. price category, price type, section, row and seat) into their own columns within the export detail
    • We also fill in the price type column for GA product

Inventory Report

  • Fixed sorting of sublevels to be alpha-numeric

Reserved Products: Export Seating

  •  Expanded the export to include seat status (available, sold, hold name), hold converted from, price, fee and customer phone number
  •  Added the ability to see all seats whether they were sold or not
  •  Added the ability to filter the result set


  • Fee consolidation option
    • Customer’s can now enable an option that aggregates multiple product fees into one anywhere that a product fee is displayed to an end user
  • Fee can be configured to be included in the price of a product 
    • This means the fee will not be itemized in the cart, instead it will show as part of the ticket price to the end user
    • Reporting remains the same though, as these fees are itemized out
    • This feature is supported in all sales channels

Delivery Fees

  • Added the Ability to include/exclude taxes

Cashier Report

  • Add invoice revenue/refunds to a new bucket labeled “Other”
  • Added number of comps to the report

Web Box Office

  • Added the ability to require authorization for users to cancel orders
    • There is a site setting to enable this feature
    • There is a per user setting to determine who can perform the override
    • The override is done with the users SaffireTix pin

Manage Seats Tool

  •  Added receipt printing for all transactions. 
    • Right now a receipt prints for all transaction types
      • Card/Invoice/Comp – will print both customer copy and signature receipt
      • Cash – will print customer copy only


  • Defaulted all clients that do not have a blog, to disallow their sites from being iframed in from a different domain

Mobile App - for SaffireTix™ users:

Reminder: Prior to your event, always check for SaffireTix updates in the Apple App Store, and keep your device(s) updated to the latest OS!

Sales Screen

  • Updated UI to better show cash vs credit fees and total
  • Moved the transaction totals out of the tender type buttons and made them bigger

Credit Card Payment Screen

  • Increased the size of the manual card entry popup

Reprint Button

  • Removed from the successful sales screen and the sales history screen

Button Sizes

  • Increased the size of the new transaction and new scan buttons on their respective screens.

Order Lookup

  • Increased the size of the order total


  • There is now an associated icon for entry and exit locations that shows up through the app


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