Adding multiple dates to a single event

There's no need to add a new event for every recurring date. You can create a single event page with multiple event 'items' (instances of that event).

Here's how to do that. After you have an event page created (this doesn't apply to Quick Events)...

  1. click on the Items Module, which may be at the bottom of the page
  2. on the dated Item, click on the three PowerDots and select 'More Dates'
  3. choose the dates you want, then scroll down and CREATE ITEMS
  4. once you return to the event page, you can set unique times for each date by clicking on each item.

Note: If you have multiple events on the same day, repeat the same process as many times as you need. Remember, you already have one item on your page - so if your event happens 10 times, you need to add 9 instances (i.e. dates). You can change the dates & times once the Items have been added to the Items module.

As events pass, they will no longer appear in your upcoming events list. And if this is an event which keeps adding more dates as time goes on (like a flea market or a monthly meeting), you can edit the page and reopen the module to add the necessary dates as often as you need.

For events which continue into a new year, you'll want to keep the event Year up-to-date. If it's associated with a past year and that year is deactivated, the event would no longer display in the calendar.

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