Saffire 4.6

March 19, 2018

Well, bust our brackets! We couldn’t just sit on the  sideline and not get in on the "madness" this spring, so we’ve made a  call to the bench and are excited to introduce Saffire 4.6, here to provide a  real “Spark” to your website and ticketing game!

This release is chock full of features and reporting  enhancements that’ll help alleviate the upsets and roller coasters you  experience while managing your website and ticketing! The clock is ticking, so  let’s get right to it... here are just few of the things that are  brand-spankin’ new in Saffire:

Add to Google Calendar on Event Pages: Your customer site allows users to select a  specific item on an event page to create an Outlook calendar reminder and now  your users can add the item to their Google calendar! Check out this updated feature>

Delete an individual form submission: Let’s say a user has submitted a form that is no longer  applicable, or maybe you tested your form out and want to delete your entry.  Simply hover over the form on the Forms dashboard, select “View Submissions.”  Then hover over the date of the form that you need to “Delete!” The full knowledge base articles about the Forms dashboard can be found here >

Purchases Report Updates: Now when you export the Purchases Report you’ll have more data at  your fingertips. We’ve included ALL customer addresses collected during the  checkout process as well as Promo Code redemption data. We also included  whether the customer signed up for email updates or not. Check it out >

SaffireTix Sales Report Updates: In the SaffireTix Sales Report, you are now able to filter  the Sales Report by Category or Channel! Use the Filters dropdown menu in the  top left corner to customize the data you want to view, whether that’s a  category of products or the channel in which the ticket was sold (Box Office,  Online, etc.). Read more about the SaffireTix Sales Report here >

ALL NEW! SaffireTix Inventory Report: This new tool shows you how many seats or tickets are available,  have been sold or are on hold! This report will give you the means to  effectively manage each of your events and takes Saffire reporting to a whole  new level! Read all about it and more SaffireTix Reports here >


Enlarged View of Reserved Ticketing Seat Map: In both the Box Office application and your customer  website you, your box office team and your customers can see MORE of the map at  any given time!

Customer Checkout Email Verification: So often, a customer will type their email address  incorrectly while checking out with their tickets and this means their  confirmation email will get lost in the abyss. By requiring their email address to by typed in  TWICE, we’ll alleviate that extra work load for you and ensure delivery to  their inbox!  

Post-purchase Sharing for Customer Via Email: Saffire version 4.4 introduced Post-purchase social  sharing, which gives customers the opportunity to share their purchase on  Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Now in 4.6, we’ve expanded that capability  to include email sharing as well! So  even if your customers aren’t connected on a major social site, they can email  their friends to let ‘em know they got tickets to the ‘big’ show! Read all about the post-purchase sharing feature here >

Email Signup Checkbox Verification: Adhering to the new EU General Data Protection Regulations,  you can now control whether the email signup check box is pre-checked throughout your site. These appear when a user  creates a site account; goes through the checkout process; or uploads  business/event information. This switch is in Settings > Site Settings >  Emails – under Public Site, ‘Pre-select email signup checkboxes’. See the full support article about managing emails and signups on your website here >

Other updates and bug  fixes:

We’ve tightened up the formatting and centering of a few modules, especially as they  transition to mobile. Refresh your pages that have these modules and features  to see the center-court difference:

-Text/Gallery module

-Media module on businesses and events

-Image module

-Gallery View of businesses and events

The Tickets & Deal modules had a bug many of you experienced. When an event page was  selected to show “all items on” you were still required to expand the event  page and check the box for the products you wanted to display on the page  automatically. Well this has been corrected! Now when you add products to your  pages, events or businesses and “all items on” is selected, rest assured ALL  products will appear on your Tickets page! 

And that wraps up the spring frenzy of Saffire Version releases! Tell us what you think about 4.6 in the comments below! 

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