Track your SaffireTix™ activity with the Sales Report, Redemption Report, Inventory Report, and Scannable Products Overview.

Sales Report

This allows you to view all sales that have happened for your events. It breaks down your ticket sales into multiple views and allows you to export the results.

Spark location: Sales > Reports > SaffireTix Sales

The first thing you'll see is a graph of your sales over a given period of time that you will specify (in the top left corner of the page). You will also see a drop down menu where you can choose how you want your sales to show: By Product, Location, Date, or User. The Filters drop down menu allows you to filter the Sales Report by Category or Channel (Online, Gate, Hold Conversion, etc.). This will help you specify information based on what you're trying to report.

 Another important piece of this report is the detailed information at the bottom. Once you've chosen how to sort the report (the report below is sorted as sales "By Product"), then you can see a breakdown of products purchased, redeemed, as well as your revenue breakdown and customer fees.


Lastly, you have the ability to print the report, email it, or export the sales report detail into an excel spreadsheet.

Redemption Report

This allows you to view all of your ticket redemptions in real time. This report looks very similar to the Sales Report, but only shows redemptions based on what has been purchased.

Spark location: Sales > Reports > SaffireTix Redemption

Just like the Sales Report, the Redemption Report allows you to choose the date range to view your redemptions, allows you to sort by Product, Location, Date, User, and Location by Product. You're also able to Print, Export, and Email the report.

I've shown an example below of what you can see if you sort your Redemption Report "By Product". You can click on the + icon next to the product in order to see more information. From this snapshot, we can see that there was 1 ticket for Clay Walker redeemed on August 25th at 1pm. If you have non-attendance related products being scanned, see if this article > is helpful in finding the data you're looking for


Inventory Report

This provides you with very specific data about your ticket sales. This report's columns will show you how many seats or tickets are available, on hold and sold.

Spark location: Sales> Reports > Inventory 

To generate this report, By Product is a good first filter, but you can also select the category of products you'd like to view with the Filters dropdown. Click GO to see your data!

Scannable Products

This overview allows you to view a snapshot of all your products that are setup and able to be scanned.

Spark location: Sales > Reports > Scannable Products 

The overview shows the Products and Redemption Rules associated with that product.It's a quick way to check that your products have the right redemption rules and if you need to change anything, you can just click on the Product hyperlink to edit it!