Selling products on a Form

  • In order to sell products on a Form, use the "Items for Sale" Form Item.

  • Once you've added the "Items for Sale" Form Item on your Form, this is the edit page where you can add in a Field Title, Note, and a hyperlink to "Add Item(s)".

  • The Add Item pop up will show. If you aren't familiar with adding an Item, feel free to review our article on Items - Add Item: For Sale.

  • Need to learn how to create a product? Check out -
  • Once you've added your Item(s) to the Form, you have the option to choose whether or not that item is required to be purchased in order to submit the form.
  • If there are multiple items for sale and at least 1 item needs to be purchased before a customer is able to submit the form select the checkbox "At least one product is required" at the top of the Form Item.

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