Add a New Form - part 1: form essentials

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Important Reminder: Collecting Sensitive Data in Forms

Please do not use Forms on your site asking for credit card details, social security information, passwords, or similar types of information — Saffire may remove forms without notice that ask for this type of information. We recommend collecting this type of data over the phone or offline to ensure privacy.

Click here for Add a New Form - part 2: form items


  • Form Title is required - this will show as the page heading
  • User Type is required - selecting the correct user type is important to ensure the form's data is stored in the correct location in your admin site for future use.
    Note: User Type cannot be modified after saving the form.
    • Customer - forms pertaining to event patrons and attendees
    • Member/Volunteer - forms pertaining to individuals who work for and/or are associated with your event
    • Sponsor - forms pertaining to individuals, businesses or organizations who donate goods and/or services to your event in exchange for recognition
    • Vendor - forms pertaining to individuals, businesses or organizations who will be selling goods and/or services at your event
  • Year is required - this will associate the form with a specific year 
  • Email submissions to: this is not required. If no address is added, no one will receive notifications, but form submissions will still be available for export.
You'll need to Save this information before you can continue building your form. Note the other button options available on the right side:
  • Preview will show you what your form looks like on your site.
  • Preview mobile will show you what your form looks like on a mobile device
  • Copy Link To Clipboard provides a direct URL to the form
  • check Account Required if you want only visitors with site accounts to have access to this form

Once, the form is saved, you will be able to Enable Spam Protection (add captcha) and/or Limit the number of submissions allowed on the Form

You also have the ability to edit the submission limit response in order to communicate what the limit means for the form.

After saving the form, the option to limit the number of submissions appears next to the Save button. Once a form submission limit has been reached, the form will not be able to be completed by additional customers.  If this form is tied to a product that has an inventory, the inventory will override this limit.

A text box is provided above the form for details and instructions. If no text is added, this space will not appear on your form.

Forms are built with items, shown as light blue boxes, which display across three columns to keep them compact for desktop computers, yet also mobile-friendly. When viewed on a a phone, the columns will automatically stack.

You can drag & drop the dark blue Form Items on the left to add functionality to your form. Click here for details on the Form Items.


click this icon next to each item name to drag & drop it in the column or position you choose.


click the pencil icon to edit the details of an item

The only  required  item is the  User Account Info. 
  • First name, Last name and Email address are all required.
  • you can add notes below each field
  • check Selected by Default? if you want 'Sign me up for email updates' pre-selected - visitors can choose to uncheck the box on the form
  • be sure to Save your changes
Depending on the User Type you selected for the form, various other items will be added by default, but they are not required. Click the in the top-right corner of any item you want to remove. 


A text box is provided below the form for additional information and/or disclaimers. If no text is added, this space will not appear on your form.

You can customize the Page Thank You Message which is shown to the customer after submitting the form.
You also can customize the Email Thank You Message which is sent to the customer after submitting the form.

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