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Here you can add new forms, search forms, and organize forms by Name, New Submissions, Year and User Type.  You have the ability preview forms, copy forms, and print/email/export submissions. 

Spark location: 

Tools > Forms

Saffire forms cannot be used for collecting sensitive data such as credit card details, social security information, passwords, or similar types of information. Forms identified as requesting sensitive data may be deactivated or removed without notice.

  • Similar to other Spark dashboards, you can filter the list of forms to Active, Inactive or All forms, and you can select a specific year, or view all years.
  • When you see an orange box in the New Submissions column, it's highlighting forms with submissions which have not yet been exported.    

Hover over the form name to find the following tools:    

  • Edit the form
  • View the form on your site
  • View Submissions - this appears after the first submission
  • Copy the form to use as a template. This is a quick way to separate data from year-to-year.
  • Email the form submissions to someone
  • Export the form submissions as a CSV file (comma-separated values)
  • Deactivate / Activate the form
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