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Here you can add new forms, edit or preview any forms you've created, copy a form, and print/email/export submissions.

Important Note: Collecting Sensitive Data in Forms

Please do not use Forms on your site asking for credit card details, social security information, passwords, or similar types of information — Saffire may remove forms without notice that ask for this type of information. We recommend collecting this type of data over the phone or offline to ensure privacy.


Add a new form - part 1: Form Essentials

Add a new form - part 2: Form Items

 Spark location: Tools > Forms 



Click here for step-by-step details to  Add a New Form

Like other Spark section dashboards, you can filter the list by choosing Active, Inactive or All, and you can select a specific year or view all years.


Hover over a pencil or form name and you can: 

  • Edit the form
  • Preview the form on your site
  • View Submissions - if there have been any submitted
    • from here you can print a users submission or delete it
  • Copy the form, if you want to create another form which is similar, or used in a different manner
  • Email the form submissions to yourself
  • Export the form submissions for use in a comma-separated values file (CSV)
  • Deactivate/Activate the form
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