Add a Business Page

Creating a Business page adds core details for a new business, then opens a window for designing a new business page.

 You can add & arrange sections and content modules to create an endless array of page designs. Even when you're done with the page, you can always come back and modify any part of it.

Spark location: Businesses > + Add Business

  • add the business name (required)
  • select a category. Some categories may have sub-categories. (required)
  • choose a location or multiple locations. You can also add new locations.
  • select a specific template if you want something other than the default.
    Find out more in the knowledge base article 'Create & Manage Templates'.
  • check the Unlisted box if you don't want this business to appear in your listings
  • upload an image. This will be the main image for the business throughout listings.

    Hide Options (as seen after clicking Show Options)

  • check 'Our Pick Icon' to spotlight the event in your calendar
  • link to either a location page with all events at that location, or a Google Map pop-up
  • add the Homepage & Expanded View Description. Strongly Recommended.
  • upload an audio file associated with this event.
  • add a Business Page Friendly URL, which will shorten the overall web address
  • add a Quick Business External Link if you don't need a full page for the event and want to link it to an external site.
  • Save & Create Page to build a full business page
  • or, Save Quick Event if this is a basic business listing which does not require additional information

After choosing Save & Create Page you'll see at least two sections and seven core modules (depending on the template you chose), as well as an expanded tool box.

Refer to the knowledge base article Create a Page (non-event/non-business) for details on working with Sections, Modules & Tools.

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