Reserved Season Tickets

Season Tickets are used when you wish to access the same seat assignments for multiple products with the same Reserved Seating Map at one time. Season Tickets may be used in conjunction with the Hold Tool and is best to complete before any individual products are made available. The individual products may still be accessed when they are assigned to a Season Ticket product and an individual product may be assigned to more than one Season Ticket product.  

Make sure you have read the SaffireTix™: First Steps before creating products before you start building products or tickets!

In Spark, create Reserved Seating Products using the steps outlined in: Reserved Tickets - Initial setup(all season tickets in a package must be used with the same map configuration)

STEP ONE for creating/editing a Season Ticket product in SaffireTix™ (Multiple products accessed in one transaction).

This feature is not activated on all sites. 

This product type requires access which must be pre-loaded by the Saffire team.

Spark location: Commerce  > Products > Add Product 

Spark location: Events > Add a New Event > Items > Add Item > Add Product

  • Select SaffireTix Season Ticket as the Product Type
  • Enter the name of the product/ticket
  • Select the product category and subcategory, if necessary. OR select Add Category to create a new category.
  • Select your Seat Map from the drop down menu (this must match the seat map for individual products included in the Season ticket)
  • Click the orange SAVE button on the right side of the page

STEP TWO – Access newly created Season Ticket Product

Spark location: Commerce > Products >Select Product > hover > edit >

Spark location: Click on Sales Tab, fill in appropriate information for Product Channels and On Sale information

  •  Click the orange SAVE button on the right side of the page

Now you are ready to attach the individual products to the Season Product 

Click on the Search/Add Products tab (shown above) and add the individual events (make sure that the individual events have the correct dates as this will determine the order they are displayed and printed).

 Click on Add Product after every event.

Close the Search/Add Products window after completing the task and verify that your products are all displayed and in the proper order.

STEP THREE -  Add the pricing for the Season Ticket Product (please note, these prices will be reflected in the individual events and rolled up into one price for the Season). They do not have to match the individual event prices that are on sale and it is recommended that you assign a separate price type for easier reporting.

Once prices have been entered, click on Close & Continue and you will see the Season price displayed so you can verify that all prices were entered correctly to match the total price.

  • Click the orange SAVE button on the right side of the page

Now that you have created Season Ticket Products, you'll want to setup your Box Office and Holds Tool. 

If you need more info on accessing Box Office – you can find it here – SaffireTix™ Box Office

You can change all of the price types at one time by using the Set for All feature.

 Collect the Basic Information – NOTE – uncheck the send receipt button if you DO NOT want your customer to get a receipt and have Print at Home tickets sent to their email.

Expand to Collect additional details.

 (Note – contact your Coach if you want to make the additional details mandatory)

Searchable Fields – First Name, Last Name, Organization, Email, and Notes

Click on Continue to finish processing the transaction

Additional options to Note - There's a Custom Print Option for when you don’t want all of the tickets to print at once and allows you to print or reprint tickets for just one seat or one event.

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